How You Can Help

  1. Donate money:
    Your donation will be used directly, 100% to help the poor. No overhead, a dollar donated is a dollar in the hands of the needy.

    • Donate $25, you can provide dental care package: toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss for 10 children.
    • Donate $60, you can provide (5kg rice bag) for 10 hungry families.
    • Donate $100 to buy mosquito net and a blanket to help 10 families, to protect mothers and her children avoid malaria and cold nights.
    • Donate $100 to provide school clothing and supplies for a kid for a year
    • Donate $200 to supply milk and vitamin for mal-nourished and under developed kid per year
    • Donate $200, you can build a water well for a remote village.
    • Donate $500, you can help build a classroom for 60 illiterate children.
  2. Donate dental/medical goods.
  3. Help buying dental/medical goods at discount prices.
  4. Take the mission and vacation trip to visit the motherland.
  5. Invite dentists, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, engineers, teachers to join the mission trips to help the poor villagers.

Pay to the order of Vietnam Village Health:

Vietnam Village Health
P.O. Box 32973
San Jose, CA 95152


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