Mission 2014 – Report

Photos of Mission 2014
Image 7115: The Mission Team with eye surgeon, Dr Vu Nguyen, at Khu Dieu Tri Mat Ky Thuat Cao, in Saigon

7134 – 7166: Eye cataract surgeries, with Dr Nam Nguyen and his team from Medic Optic, at Tam Tri Hospital, Saigon

7192 – 7219: Visit a nursing home, Nha Duong Lao Tinh Thuong, from the Sisters of Dong Thua Sai Bac Ai

7233 – 7278: Center for the severe handicapped children Thien Phuoc, from the Sisters of Dong Me Nhan Ai

7284 – 7317: Center for the Blind Female Students Nhu Nghia, from the Sisters of Dong Phan Sinh Thua Sai Duc Me

7319 – 7397: Medical Mission trip and food gift to poor and ethnic villagers in Parish Loc Thien, Loc Ninh

7425 – 7495: Eye cataract surgeries for poor villagers in Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa

7512 – 7544 Visit poor leprosy patients in Khanh Hoa

7551 – 7565: Mingle with young street vendor children, in Nha Trang. Buy bun rieu soup for 3 of them, and teach them how to use a lap top and computer skills.

7569 – 7601: Summer school at La San Center for students, and a rewarding get together with the teachers at the beach dinner

Sharing about medical school preparation, and International Student programs at community colleges in the US.

7613 – 7775: Give rice bags, box of noodle bags, and other food gifts to the impoverished leprosy patients and their families in Gia Lai. in the care of Sisters Da Minh Rosa Lima

7795 – 7980: More food gifts to several leprosy villages in Gia Lai, with De La Salle religious brothers

7983 – 8004: Beautiful and Spiritual Sunday Mass for the Ba-Na ethnic villagers

8036 – 8046: Fr Long Van Tran’s small and termite festered chapel, in Gia Lai

8055 – 8124 Three members of Our Mission Team joined a big US Youth group ( 40+) to serve hot noodle soup bowls to the leprosy patients and their extremely poor and unfortunate families in isolated villages in Gia Lai. Some US youths cried while serving the soup to these miserable humans, leprosy sufferers, and frail elderly women.

8129 – 8139: Summer School for Vietnamese kids with education and better future.
Images of Mission 2014

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