Teach Healthcare, Give Toys and Bring Love to the Orphans

From July 7- To July 13, 2013

There are hundreds of orphans in Pleiku and Kontum as we visited several orphanages. Many came to the orphanage when one or both parents died. Quite often, they came from impoverished families with hardships. Other times they were rescued from death ! In some ethnic Montagnard tribes’ traditional funerals, the infant children, who are now living in the orphanages, were rescued and saved from being buried live with their mom, when their mothers passed away ! Most other ethnic minority villagers are poor but more civilized.

We praise and thank God for the healthy children in these orphanages. Our contributions to the Sisters, their care takers, help pay for the kids’ food, clothing, medicine, housing, and education. Your donation are all tax exempt from the income tax in the US !

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