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Who We Are

Vietnam Village Health provides humanitarian love, compassion, assistance and service to the poor villagers and their children in Vietnam, through free health care, education, technology, food and clothing.

We are a non-profit, 501 C3 organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our Tax ID is: 27-0314699.

What We Do

  1. Vietnam Village Health (VVH) arranges regular trips for groups of volunteering American amd Vietnamese dentists, doctors, pharmacists, and nurses to offer health care services ot the villages and other poor areas of Vietnam.
  2. Engineers and teachers also join the VVH groups to bring health care education (i.e., dental hygiene, contagious disease prevention) and general knowledge (from healthy life habits and water wells for adults, to soccer game, study skills, learning English, and basic computer use for children) in the daily life needs of these villagers.
  3. Students also join the VVH group to serve the impoverish people, have an adventure in their lives, a memory to have, and most important of all is an experience to build their characters and an opportunity for them to change and make a better world.
  4. Collected money, medicine, reading glasses, toys, sport equipment, educational tools will be distributed to the village families.

Operation Director. Organized Medical Mission Trips since 2007 to 2011.
High School Counselor.
San Jose, California.

Trieu Pham

San Jose, California.

Vickie Bich Pham

Property Management.
San Jose, California.

Hang Nguyen

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