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Dates: June 13-30, 2015

Mission Team of 10 members:
Fr. Vu Nguyen, Seminarian John Hoang, Tina Huynh (Pharmacist), Dung Huynh (College Professor), Carolyn Huynh (Student), Linh Nguyen ( Medical Doctor), Thuy Nguyen (Medical Doctor), Megan Nguyen (Student), Kim Hang Pham (Counselor), Tien Pham (Counselor)

Service provinces: Vinh Long, Can Tho, Lam Dong, Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Dong Nai, Saigon

Mission 2015

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Hi Tech Eye Center / Khu Dieu Tri Mat Ky Thuat Cao (District 5, Saigon)
Dr. Vu Xuan Nguyen, Dr. Lan Thu Nguyen

Serving 50 cases of eye cataract surgeries for poor villagers from different provinces in the South

Self support Nursing home Tu Hoi Teresa Hai Dong Giesu (District 9, Saigon)
Sr. Duong Thi Duong

Serving 6 elderly women, ages 77 and above

Orphanage Center Trung Tam Be Tho (Bien Hoa, Dong Nai)
Dong Chung Nhan Duc Tin, Catholic Sister Order
Sr. Maria Daniel Vinh Vu

Serving 163 handicapped children and orphans

Nursing home Thien An Center / Trung Tam Bao Ve Nguoi Gia (Thu Duc)
Dong Trinh Vuong Mau Tam Order
Sr. Kim Khuyen Thi Tran

Serving elderly and handicapped people

Fetus abortion mass and funeral for aborted fetus, Tay Hai Parish (Ho Nai, Dong Nai)
Fr. Guise Tich Van Nguyen

Collecting aborted fetus, offering mass and funeral services for them
Arranging room, board, and jobs to pregnant women in avoiding their abortion

Medical and Charity Mission, My Thuan Parish (Vinh Long)
Fr. Peter Thanh Duc Pham, Fr. Peter Loc Xuan Pham

Serving 110 poor families of 354 villagers
Medical service and medicine distribution
Food gifts: rice bag, noodle box, fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar

Medical and Charity Mission, Trinh Vuong Parish (Vinh Thanh, Can Tho)
Fr. Guise Chinh Cong Nguyen, Mr.Quang Van Nguyen (Van Tai Hong Sen)

Serving 120 poor families with medical services and food gifts of rice bag, noodle box, fish sauce, and laundry detergent

Supporting poor patients with critical illnesses and health education in the parish

Dong Man Coi Chi Hoa ( Saigon)
Sr. Kim Loan Thi Vu

Health care and health education for ethnic Thuong tribesmen in Pang Tien Parish (Da Lat, Lam Dong)
Support health services to poor students from villages who are living at Dong Man Coi facility to attend college in Saigon

Medical and Charity Mission, Xa Doai Parish, and its two affiliated parishes ( Dak Mil, Dak Nong)
Fr. Hung Tan Pham

At each parish, serving 120 poor families with medical services and food gifts of rice bag, noodle box, fish sauce, cooking oil, sugar, GMS. cookies, candies.

Supporting poor patients with free meals at the hospital

Dong Men Thanh Gia Ba Ria Xa Doai (Dak Mil, Dak Nong)
Sr. Nguyet Thi Nguyen

Support poor patients from Xa Doai Parish, with transportation to hospital and paperwork costs

Medical and Charity Mission, Ea Kmar Parish (Ban Me Thuot, Dak Lak)
Fr. Guise Quang Vinh Nguyen

Support children and patients from Ede ethnic tribes in their health care, transportation to hospital, paperwork, and public health education

Dong Nu Vuong Hoa Binh (Ban Me Thuot, Daklak)
Sr. Trong Thi Cao

Medical mission and charity food gifts to the ethnic Thuong leprosy villagers and ethnic Hmong tribesmen:
Eana Leprosy Center, 20 food gifts: rice bag, noodle box, salt, dried fish. And toys for children
M.Drak Leprosy village, 20 food gifts
Quang Phu, HMong tribe, 155 food gifts
Cunao, Eakmar and other small villages, 165 food gifts
Total 360 food gifts.

Dako Parish, Binh Phuoc province
Build a new clean water well for ethnic Thuong parishioners
In combination with other donations to build an utility building for a filtering system

Dong Da Minh Rosa Lima (Chu Se, Gia Lai)
Sr. / Dr. Maria Ngoc Ha Nguyen

Charity food gifts: Rice bag, noodle box, cooking oil, fish sauce, sugar,salt, dried fish, laundry detergent
140 food gifts to Chu Se leprosy villagers ( distribution 7/25/2015).
75 food gifts to Chu Puh leprosy villagers ( distribution 7/25/2015).

Images of Mission 2015
Mission 2014

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